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8 years of the Vietnam market, until now, power equipment product line Senior Roman widely used in civil and consumer confidence.

In order to diversify electrical products, to meet the needs of the market, especially the high-rise office buildings, building growing in Vietnam, Tam Kim has launched multiple new products, multi- form, rich in style, design and high uniformity. In addition to the popular line of products such as switches and socket fittings; Aptomat and cabinet types Aptomat ... Roman also has other product lines, such as the lighting of industrial, residential and special-use Conduit hard, elastic PVC conduit and fittings, Exhaust Fan, ceiling light fixture, waterproof box ...

The product line is Roman device manufacturing and packaging plant directly in the plate width of 3.2 hectares (IP Dong Van - Ha Nam Province). Products of high quality material imported by the EU, is produced on the line modern technology with the specifications through close inspection, provide the maximum safety for the user. In addition, Roman also gained a lot of valuable prizes of the Intellectual Property Department, Ministry of Industry and the Ministry of Construction.

With the message "Starting from comfort" the birth of the brand product line Roman insists that along with increasing the utility of these products also offer brand commitment to meet increasing demand of customers, confirming once again the brand's position in the marketplace Roman Vietnam.